Holiday rental specialists / Property management

It all started with a ... small apartment ... we bought our apartment Casa MoJo, rented it out and quickly received the Super Host rating on Airbnb and 9.6/10 on Booking.

After a while we received requests from other people to organize their holiday rentals. This is how our family business grew and we became experts in rental.

We advise

We listen, take your wishes into account and advise on pricing and possible rental. We also inform you about the latest news regarding holiday rentals, obligations, income, etc

Fast and reliable

We have modern software programs, you can install an app on your mobile phone and/or PC and you will be immediately notified of a new reservation.

We also respect local requirements and use a modern online program to declare your tourists to the local authorities. We offer you transparency, fast communication and targeted problem solutions.


Clear agreements, clear invoices, transparent x fast communication! Book an appointment without obligation to discuss your wishes.

Holiday rentals

We take care of EVERYTHING: we advertise your villa or apartment on the internet and take care of the rental. The rental income is deposited into your account and you pay us a commission. You will then receive an invoice that you can enter in full as costs.

Maintenance, pool, gardening

If you decide to rent with us, we also take care of cleaning your home. And in the event of a breakdown, we contact a competent company as soon as possible. If you need help with your pool or garden, we will propose targeted solutions.

Who are we ?

Mona Lanjri x Joëlle Lanjri, Your "Villa Managers"

”we put the needs of your guests first, we take care of them as if they were our own...“